I remembered everything we discussed and I was very pleased by how approachable you were and I actually felt comfortable engaging with you as well as speaking to you as a counselor. I really felt like you understood me and you were so kind. -Sara, client

I really enjoyed my visit with you and have often thought about how helpful and easy to talk you were when I had no idea what I was doing. The time spent with you and maybe the medication has helped me in many ways grow to be quite valuable to others I’ve worked with which has gotten me a lot of great references. It’s so nice to hear from you again and will always welcome your input even just to say hey! -Justin, client

So I was sent here by my primary care doctor to confirm my childhood diagnosis for ADD. No joke I was here for 3ish hours, test after test ending with the most boring test ever. However, Gabrielle who was administering my tests was delightful. She tried to make it go as fast as possible for me and seemed to really get the challenges living with ADD presents.  -Lindsay, client

As a teacher, Gabrielle is resourceful, patient, and organized. With clients, Gabrielle treats all with care and respect, regardless of their emotional impairment, or physical disability. She is a flexible thinker, able to alter her treatment style and intervention to meet the needs of the individual clients. She is equally able to work with children, adolescents, and adults. Gabrielle has a strong clinical awareness, along with the ability to conceptualize and think critically from multiple frameworks. She is able to integrate diverse clinical and personal experience with solid clinical skills. In addition to treating her clients with respect and care, Gabrielle is also very professional and gets along with other staff. -Dr. Darla Absher, Clinical Psychologist

She is very passionate about her work and productivity; she gives everything she has to each project and report. She is a self-starter and independent. She identified needs in the office and fulfilled those needs without needing help or advice; she could be counted on the make positive changes on her own accord. She is exceptionally bright and catches on to things very quickly. As her supervisor, I was able to teach her one time how to administer/score a particular assessment instrument, and she was immediately able to conduct the testing on her own. She sets high expectations for herself, and she works very hard. I anticipate that she will be very successful in her future in whatever she chooses to do given her drive and strong work ethic. -Dr. Kelley Ahr, Clinical Psychologist

I worked with Gabrielle at the Austin Psychological Testing Center, where she administered a large variety of psychological assessments and constructed reports.  The choice of assessments administered and the recommendations provided within her reports both suggest strength in intellect and judgment. She is a skilled psychometrician with a strong work ethic, organizational skills to match, a propensity for research, and high motivation for learning. I’ve seen her go above and beyond to assure proper diagnosis and provide clients with the appropriate resources and recommendations. -Dr. Shantel Mackey, Clinical Psychologist