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I remembered everything we discussed and I was very pleased by how approachable you were and I actually felt comfortable engaging with you as well as speaking to you as a counselor. I really felt like you understood me and you were so kind. -Sara, client

I really enjoyed my visit with you and have often thought about how helpful and easy to talk you were when I had no idea what I was doing. The time spent with you and maybe the medication has helped me in many ways grow to be quite valuable to others I’ve worked with which has gotten me a lot of great references. It’s so nice to hear from you again and will always welcome your input even just to say hey! -Justin, client

So I was sent here by my primary care doctor to confirm my childhood diagnosis for ADD. No joke I was here for 3ish hours, test after test ending with the most boring test ever. However, Gabrielle who was administering my tests was delightful. She tried to make it go as fast as possible for me and seemed to really get the challenges living with ADD presents.  -Lindsay, client