Hi! I’m Gabrielle. I was born in Dallas, raised in Chicago, and lived in Dallas and Austin for the last decade.  I am currently living in Greenville, South Carolina, which has been a huge adjustment from Texas.  I’m married and am a mom to three wonderful, wild dogs.

In college, I majored in journalism and creative writing at Columbia College Chicago before switching to psychology. I transferred to Roosevelt University in Chicago and graduated with honors. After graduating, I completed two years in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at the  University of North Texas. I had such a fundamental shift in my research interests and professional goals in grad school that the program was no longer right for me, so I left.  I am currently a doctoral student in media psychology at Fielding Graduate University, which is so fun! I couldn’t be happier 🙂

I started this website, and life coaching, to be a resource for people who are overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of often conflicted information. I have put in the time over the years to figure out what works and what doesn’t and my efforts have paid off:

  1. I am successfully managing chronic, lifelong depression. Yes, I take meds and have spent years in therapy, but those things are only a small part of being well.
  2. I no longer have severe anxiety, which I had for well over a decade. It is amazing how much more mental energy you have when you aren’t constantly second guessing every single thing you do and say!
  3. Through years of contemplative prayer and meditation, I overcame a lifetime of suicidal thoughts and self hatred and have learned to love myself. By facing my fears head on, life has become more vibrant and engaging. Even on my worst days, I know, deep down, that I am awesome and will pull through whatever is going on.
  4. I quit my pack-a-day cigarette habit after 11 tries. I have lost three of my four grandparents to smoking related illnesses and promised my grandma on her deathbed I would quit. In 2011, I fulfilled my promise to Mimi.
  5. I have learned to persevere and thrive when everyone around you wants to see you fail. Life is full of bullies and terrible people who are happy to see you suffer. Through little steps, you can break free of all the suffering and build a life that you love- it just takes time, patience, and a little support (not as much as you might think!)

http://oceanadesigns.net/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://oceanadesigns.net/envira/white-carrara/ But it’s not about me, it’s about you!

I share this because I got well and have built a life that I love. But everyone’s experiences are different and I don’t talk a lot about things in the past. I use myself as an example, but I focus on current events in my life.  We spend too much time comparing ourselves to other people instead of learning to love ourselves and develop who we are. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Gabrielle sitting outside

Here are some quick facts about me:

  1. I skipped kindergarten because I could already read and do basic math.
  2. For spring break in 6th grade, I read the unabridged versions of the Stand, It, and the Tommyknockers by Stephen King. That’s over 3,000 pages. In a week. For fun.
  3. In high school, I wrote the final for my English class on the book Lord of the Flies.
  4. In college, I worked full-time, went to school full-time and graduated with honors.
  5. Art museums are my favorite. Both my colleges were a few blocks from the Art institute in Chicago and I spent so much time there in college!
  6. I love cooking and started learning with Italian food when I lived in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood. When I moved to Texas, I learned how to cook Mexican food and southern food.
  7. I cook by throwing things together (not literally:) and love making up recipes for all kinds of food.
  8. I almost opened a bakery and have dozens of delicious recipes I created for cookies, cupcakes, breads, muffins, biscotti, and cheesecake.
  9. My husband got me into World of Warcraft right after we got together and it is a blast! I am a guild master on Illidan and have over 23,000 achievement points on my Blood Elf warlock. For the Horde!
  10. I started teaching myself programming and know a little bit of Python and HTML. In the next year or so, I plan on becoming more fluent in Python and learning R, a programming language for statistics.
  11. I used to be a cat lady, but my girls Isis and Celeste crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012 and 2016. They were the best cats ever and lived with me in Chicago, Dallas, and Austin.
  12. Now, I am the proud dog mom of Loki and Miles, my handsome pups, and Kali, my pup goddess of destruction and cuddles.
  13. I rick-rolled my wedding vows. I was frazzled from planning a wedding in four months, didn’t like any of the vows I found, and went with the rick roll. The best part is everyone at the wedding thought it was my husband who did it, but it was me!
  14. I walked down the aisle to music that plays in Dalaran, one of the capital cities in World of Warcraft. Again, I was tired of the cheesy wedding music and the music from WoW was lovely.
  15. Last summer, I was voted best communicator in the forensic neuropsych graduate lab I am in by the 70 other grad students in the lab.